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Encyclopedia of Language and Education: Volume 5 and 9

007Código:  L-14.1-09

Título: Encyclopedia of Language and Education. Volume 5: Bilingual Education. 2. ed. Nueva York: Springer. 2008. v. 5, 369 p.

Autor(es): Cummins, Jim, ed.; Hornberger, Nancy, ed.

Donación: Luis Enrique Lopez


Abstract:  The encyclopedia of language and education describe and explain Bilingual Education from different points of view, in the first part, showing how these programs developed and implemented around the world contribute to achieve proficiency in literacy in both language (L1 y L2), explain what types of program is appropriate and successful to implement taking in care the context. How the communities, indigenous and non-indigenous, perceive these term “Bilingual Education”, describing the connotations that it implies and the dilution of the emphasis on language and culture. The language right provided under various United Nations Charters and Conventions, and how these engage with the programs of bilingual education and the minorities. Finally, in the second part of this encyclopedia explain bilingual education programs and policies in Africa, Asia, Europe, North Central and South of America, Pacific region and Australasia. Seguir leyendo Encyclopedia of Language and Education: Volume 5 and 9